Elegant, Practical, Secure

Leading the way in cloud based office management since 2009.

GoMatters is a collection of cloud based apps for lawyers and business professionals with tools to manage cases, contacts, calendars, documents and billing on any device, anywhere. Our case management system in the cloud is the most practical way to run any office today.


GoMatters was developed by lawyers who were frustrated by conventional software models as applied to the law office. Standard software models force users into expensive licensing agreements and paid support arrangements. Installed software needs to be updated constantly for functionality and security, and of course that means more fees for licensing and more fees for support.

GoMatters developers realized this was just too much for many small law firms with no dedicated IT support department. The developers recognized emerging cloud computing technologies as the answer and in 2009, GoMatters launched and moved tomorrow’s law office into the cloud.


GoMatters makes software that is functional, elegant and practical for anyone to use anywhere, anytime. We are constantly improving our product and see it as something that must evolve to meet the needs of our users. Our user community is growing rapidly with users in North America, Central America, Europe, India and Australia. Our software is designed to scale and meet the growth of our users with a secure product that will improve office productivity in the cloud.


GoMatters is constantly expanding our cloud based case management system to meet the changing needs of our community. Our platform is driving offices across the world and our practice management techniques that have been developed from a solid base in real world law practice are now spreading into the wider business community as many businesses realize the benefits of the dedicated, quality driven project management system that is GoMatters.