Case Management in the Cloud

Innovative applications designed for efficiency and speed.

Move your law office to the cloud and manage your files with GoMatters and our set of innovative applications designed for efficiency and speed. Our data management and network technologies will make your law practice in the cloud faster than your desktop.

Centralize your contact, calendar and document management while reducing or eliminating your IT costs. With GoMatters, your office data is only as far away as the nearest wifi connection.

Centralized Contact Data

Sometimes, it's the little things that make the most difference, like sharing your contacts with everyone in your office instantly and on any device. Sync contacts from the cloud, just enter them once and the entire office has access to the contact data using our robust contact management application. Contacts entered by your staff at the office show up instantly on your phone or tablet wherever you are.

Our contact management application works closely with our case management system to share contact data with client cases where you need the contact data most. Looking for that client's number or opposing counsel's email in a hard file is a terrible time waster and, thankfully, now a thing of the past. With our contact management app, contact data is at your fingertips with one click, right where it should be.

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Multi-user Billing

GoMatters supports an unlimited number of available billable timekeepers on any matter. Up to 5 hourly rates can be set for each case to maximize client value and time management. Partners, associates and paralegals can all bill at different hourly rates on a case by case basis. Flat fee billing is also supported. You can bill one case at an hourly rate and charge a flat fee or contingent fee in another case. Our billing system is as flexible as your office needs it to be.

Our billing system is tightly integrated with our Todos app. Not only does our Todos app keep track of your upcoming tasks, but completed billable todos can be copied straight to the Matter ledger for easy invoicing. The Todos app will help your office maximize billable hours while spending as little time as possible on the billing process.

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Unlimited Document Storage

Store as many documents as you want. We've got plenty of room. Our document management app is integrated into our case management system providing an easy transition to your new paperless law office in the cloud. Scan, upload and file the original document away in your old file cabinet. You may not be heading back to the cabinet for a while because you'll find yourself needing the original document less and less. Once your documents have been stored with us, finding the documents is as easy as opening the case file. Just open a matter and all the documents are right there, one click away. Share documents online with our secure document sharing service.

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Task Management

Manage tasks for your entire law firm with our online task management software. Track important tasks and deadlines with our Todos app and bill for time based tasks with our integrated billing software for law firms. Assign tasks to staff members in your law firm and review their performance with GoMatters tasks efficiency reporting. Never miss a deadline or statute of limitations and stay on top of everything in your firm from the office, home or on the road.

Our task based Workflows will make your practice run smoothly with the ability to add repetitive sequences of tasks to any Matter. Add an unlimited number of steps to a workflow with assignable due dates for each step and then with a click of a button, reuse that workflow in any Matter. Workflows save time and increase accuracy making your practice as efficient as it can be.

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Calendar and Docket Control

The backbone of any law office is the calendar. Whether you're a solo practitioner keeping track of your own calendar or the managing partner of your firm resposible for tracking multiple dockets in multiple jurisdictions, GoMatters calendar and docket control system will make life easier.

Like all of our apps, our calendar app for lawyers is woven into our case management system so matter events can be accessed by all members of your office staff. Changes made by one user are instantly accessible across every device connected to your account.

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