Capture just 12 minutes of billable time in a month and the system pays for itself.

GoMatters online billing software for lawyers is flexible and easy to use. Flat fee and hourly rate billing options allow your law firm to meet the needs of your clients and maximize your profit margin.

  • Flat fee and hourly rate billing for each matter
  • Set up to 5 hourly rates per matter
  • Copy completed billable tasks directly to the ledger
  • Track user efficiency with billing reports
  • Itemize costs and incidentals to maximize profit
  • Manage retainers with full trust accounting for each matter
  • Invoice clients by matter from your browser
  • Integrate with Quick Books and other accounting softare

Law Firm Billing Software Made Easy

GoMatters law firm billing is easy and intuitive. Our online time tracking and ledger based accounting tools for law firms make preparing client invoices easier than ever before. Don’t waste time learning how to become an accountant, jump right in and set your hourly rate and record your time spent on a task. GoMatters does the rest with our one click copy to ledger feature that makes preparing paper or PDF client invoices as simple as clicking the print button.

GoMatters integrates with Quick Books and other accounting software to keep you on track. Import time and billing data to other applications from GoMatters to streamline back office accounting. Use GoMatters as the online repository for your multi user time and task management needs and then export that data to your favorite accounting software or just use or advanced accounting system for all your needs.

GoMatters billing software for law firms is so economical that the average law firm with 3 users can make our online billing software pay for itself by billing 0.2 of hour at a modest average hourly rate of $250.00. That’s only 12 minutes of a billable hour and the most advanced online legal billing software available pays for itself.

Flexibility Is A Good Thing

Law firm clients are demanding flexible billing options more than ever. The billable hour may have seen it’s best days and law firms that can adapt to the needs of clients have an advantage over those that are locked into the billing formats of the past. Clients are demanding flat fees for tasks or are refusing to pay hourly rates for associates with less experience. Your billing system needs to be flexible to meet the changing demands of your clients.

Our law firm billing software is as flexible as you need it to be. GoMatters provides flat rate and hourly billing options, and you can even mix and match billing methods within a matter. Our law firm billing software will accommodate those clients that demand flat fee billing but still allow you to bill at hourly rates if you need to. You can set up to five hourly rates per matter. That means you can set a different hourly rate for one client on a matter and a different rate on another matter. Tracking fees, costs and incidentals will make our system pay for itself in no time at all.