Share contacts with the entire office using our integrated contacts application.

Our cloud based contact management application provides instant access to contact information for the entire office and like all of our applications, contact management is integrated with our case management system making your entire office workflow streamlined and efficient.

  • Supports multiple clients for a single case
  • Add or edit contact information once and the changes are available to everyone on your account on any device
  • Conflict check thousands of cases and thousands of clients in seconds
  • Upload contact images or use Facebook profile images for quick, personable contact recognition
  • Get contact information on the go with your mobile browser, contact data is phone and tablet ready
  • One click to call or email clients from within the application

More Than Just An Online Rolodex

Why not just use your desktop contact management application like Mac OS X’s Address Book, Outlook, Gmail or… even a rolodex? GoMatters is a complete practice management system for lawyers and small businesses. The integration of one case management application with another is what makes our system successful. Desktop contact management systems and, yes, even the rolodex, fall short on integration. You can’t associate Gmail contacts with one of your office case files. You can’t use Mac OS X Address Book for conflict checking. And you can’t share any of your desktop contacts with your office staff. That is, unless you count running down the hall to grab the rolodex “sharing”.

Our system is a “system”. One application enhances another. Opening a Matter and seeing all Matter Contacts with their case role associations and contact information with quick dial or email links will speed up and streamline your office workflow. Being able to access contact information without a physical file will save more time than you can imagine. And the ability to pull up your office contact data with associated case information on your mobile device will make wonder why you’re headed to the office in the first place.

iOS and Android Friendly

GoMatters uses advanced HTML5 web standards so your contact information is available on mobile devices through your mobile web browser without any additional app download necessary. Sign in to your GoMatters account from your mobile web browser and you're ready to go. Contact information is formatted to make calling, texting and emailing as easy as possible, just click the data and your phone takes over.

Word Processor Friendly

GoMatters contact information can be copied to from your browser straight to your desktop word processor for easy formatting of letters, envelopes and other documents that you use everyday in your office. Contact addresses have been specially formatted to preserve line breaks when pasting. Choose your word processor's paste option that allows for "unformatted text" to be pasted so formatting automatically matches your existing document format.