Document and File Sharing

Share encrypted documents and files securely with clients and colleagues.

GoMatters secure file sharing system makes it easier than ever to share your documents and files with clients and other lawyers. Our system gives you enhanced control and customization over the way in which your documents and files are shared.

Share documents online Share documents and files online GoMatters file share system is safer and more secure than other cloud storage options because of our unique share security system. You can share documents safely with non-GoMatters users by creating a secure link to the document or file. The secure link can then be shared with clients and other lawyers who need to access the document.

  • Customize share security settings for individual documents and files
  • Limit document download access by expiration date or number of clicks
  • Edit and remove shareable options at any time
  • Store and share unlimited documents
  • View file sharing metrics by clicks, ip address and more

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