Optimize repetitive, multi-step tasks with standardized sequences.

GoMatters Workflows make repetitive tasks easy to assign and track. Setup your task based sequential workflow once and use it over and over again to manage your law firm’s task tracking.

Law firm task management software Workflows can save you time and increase accuracy with repetitive, multi-step tasks. Build a Workflow once using the custom steps you’ve developed in your own law office and then apply the Workflow to Matters as needed. Use Workflows to track important dates and deadlines in connection with other tasks that are routinely assigned.

  • Set follow up deadlines to be used in multiple cases
  • Manage the steps to complete a case from start to finish with one button click
  • Customize your Workflow process to your liking by creating as many steps as you need to be used over and over again in other cases
  • Set billable rates for standard tasks in a sequence, set the task rate once and have it used whenever the Workflow is used in a case
  • Auto calculate due dates based on the number of days away from the start of the Workflow, i.e. follow up 21 days after…

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