Documents and files can be shared using our secure share system.

  • Switch to the Matters app using the app switcher links
  • Select a document to share by clicking the share icon next to the document title
  • Optionally, set the maximum number of clicks allowed for the share link. The link will become inactive after the max clicks number has been reached. If the filed is left blank, the max clicks link security feature will be disabled.
  • Optionally, set the date on which the share link will expire. The link will become inactive after the expiration date. If this field is left blank, the automatic link expiration security feature will be disabled.
  • Click the Save Changes button to save the record and create the share
  • Once the share has been created, a secure link will be provided. The link can be shared using the email button in the Share actions dialog.

Your links are secure! When you share a document or file using a link, GoMatters creates a unique combination of identifiers used only in that link. It is virtually impossible to guess the combination of identifiers (geek out on the probabilities), but you can further enhance the security of the link by setting the maximum number of clicks allowable for the link and / or an expiration date for the link. Remember, if you publish the link on a website or somewhere public, the link will be active and the website where the link is posted may be included in search engines.