Contacts can be assigned a role in any Matter. You should assign contacts to Matters so the contact can be referenced from the Matter. A contact must be added through the main Contacts app before the contact can be added to a Matter. Adding contacts to Matters allows quick access to only those contacts that are important for a particular case.

When a contact has been associated with a Matter, the contact can be emailed or VOIP dialed from the Matter by clicking the contact email address or phone number from the Matter > Contacts tab. Clicking a contact record in the Matter > Contacts tab displays the full contact record.

Emailing a contact about a Matter from the Matters app will generate a pre-formatted email with the Matter number and title in the email subject field. This can help you organize your inbox and speed up email searches.

To add a contact to a Matter:

  • Switch to the Matters app using the app switcher links
  • Click a Matter record from the record list to open the Matter
  • Click the Contacts tab in the Matter attributes panel
  • Click the Add button in the Matter > Contacts toolbar
  • Type the name of an existing contact in the Name field and select the contact record to be added from the results list
  • Type a role for the contact, i.e. “client”, “cl”, “opposing counsel”, “opcl”, etc.
  • Click the Save Changes button to save the record