Tasks should be thought of as “todos”. Tasks can be assigned to a Matter. Assigning tasks to Matters allows you to keep track of tasks within a Matter.

Each Matter can be assigned up to 5 hourly fee rates for tasks. For example, you may have a “Partner” (“A”) rate, “Associate” (“B”) rate and “Paralegal” (“C”) rate. Set the hourly rates under the Matter > Tasks > Rates tab. Enter the hourly rate for each task level. Once the hourly rate has been assigned for each level, tasks assigned to that level will be billed at the hourly rate when the task is completed with a “time spent” entry.

Incomplete Tasks can also be managed from the Todos app

To add a task to a Matter:

  • Switch to the Matters app using the app switcher links
  • Click a Matter record from the record list to open the Matter
  • Click the Tasks tab in the Matter attributes panel
  • Click the Add button in the Matter/Tasks toolbar
  • Choose a due date for the task
  • (Optional) If the task has been completed, choose a complete date for the task
  • Enter a title for the task
  • (Optional) If time has been spent on the task, enter time spent on the task in hourly decimal format
  • (Optional) If the task has been assigned an hourly rate, click the Rate button and choose the hourly rate
  • Click the Assigned button and choose a user to whom the task will be assigned
  • Click the Save Changes button to save the record